Best Foaming Hand Soap in 2018 Review

Best Foaming Hand Soap in 2018 Review
Best Foaming Hand Soap in 2018 Review

After testing multiple products we have come to conclusion that the best foaming hand soap in 2018 is Method Foaming Hand Soap.

The  Method Foaming hand soap produces perfect amount of foam to properly wash your hands. Doesn’t dry hands out and makes them feel soft in a nice way.

The soap smells pleasant and honestly it’s a pretty nice smell for this pricing. At same time the smell isn’t overwhelming but it doesn’t last for long time.

Method Foaming hand soap is made of naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients which doesn’t contain any paraben, phthalate and triclosan. Because all of the ingredients are natural & non-toxic any issues with allergic reactions in highly unlikely.

On top of that the company is quite environmental – All of the bottle plastics are made from recycled plastic and Method company doesn’t test their products on animals.

Method Foaming Hand Soap is really good at it is pretty cheap pricing wise, making it an amazing value for money, that’s why it’s the best foaming hand soap of 2018!

Rating: 9.3/10

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