Best Fitness Resistance Exercise Loop Bands of 2019 Review

After testing countless fitness resistance exercise loop bands we have come up with a list of the best ones. Read full review now!


#1 Synergee resistance loop bands

Synergee resistance loop bands

Synergee resistance bands are the highest quality ones we have come across. They are good quality, heavy and sturdy. The strongest point of Synergee resistance loop bands is that they are extremely durable and you don’t have to worry about them ripping which is a common issue with other manufacturers. They can really take a lot of abuse.

The rubber is firm and the edges are square so the bands don’t roll up. They stretch evenly and the resistance is consistent.

Synergee resistance exercise loop bands are 12″ long which is 2 inches more than traditional mini bands, meaning they will fit well even persons of larger size.

Overall Synergee resistance loop bands are super durable and provides consistent performance. On top of that they aren’t expensive! That’s why they are the best fitness resistance exercise loop bands of 2019!


  • Amazing durability
  • Best resistance loop bands on market


  • ???


  • 12″ by 2″ long
  • Includes:
    • Yellow band – Light Resistance 5-20lbs.
    • Green band – Medium Resistance 20-35lbs.
    • Blue band- Heavy Resistance 35-40lbs.
    • Black band- Extra Heavy Resistance 40-45lbs.
    • Red band- Extra Extra Heavy Resistance 45-50lbs
    • Carrying Bag
    • Exercise Manual with six different exercises.

Rating: 9.6/10

Fitness Resistance Exercise Loop Bands


#2 Limm Resistance Exercise Loop Bands

Linn resistance loop bands

Limm Resistance Exercise Loop Bands are high quality and durable, however their as slightly worse than Synergee bands. The durability is good and they fit well. However if you overstretch them they will rip eventually. Even so they will still last for a while.

Sometimes they roll up during use but not too often. Just like Synergee bands they are 12″ long and will fit nicely even bigger people.

Overall Limm Resistance Exercise Loop Bands are high quality bands with good durability. They are not as good as Synergee bands but they are slightly cheaper.


  • Good quality
  • Very cheap


  • Will rip eventually if you keep overstretching them


  • Straps are 12″ long
  • Includes:
    • 5 bands of different resistance
    • Home Workouts’ eBook
    • printed manual
    • handy travel bag

Rating: 9.0/10

Fitness Resistance Exercise Loop Bands


#3 Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Fit Simplify resistance loop bands

Fit Simplify offers another great set of resistance loop bands. They are durable but not as durable as Synergee or Limm resistance loop bands. Initially Fit Simplify bands don’t roll up but as you keep using them eventually they start to do that and even more so with time.

Fit Simplify resistance loop bands are cheaper than Synergee ones but more expensive than Limm’s.


  • Decent quality


  • Eventually start to roll up


  • 100% natural latex
  • 5 varying resistance levels

Rating: 8.4/10

Fitness Resistance Exercise Loop Bands


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