Best Cut Resistant Gloves in 2018 Review

Best Cut Resistant Gloves in 2018 Review
Best Cut Resistant Gloves in 2018 Review

After trying out numerous cut resistant gloves we have come to conclusion that the best ones are NoCry Cut Resistant Glove!

NoCry cut resistant gloves have EN388 level 5 cut resistance rating which makes them very resistant from the cuts even from the sharpest blades – however they are not 100% cut proof, but from our test it seems you would have to try really hard to do so. They inspire confidence and without having to worry about cutting your fingers off, your cutting skill and speed will improve considerably. NoCry cut resistant gloves are made from weight polyethylene, glass fibre and Spandex, which are 100% food safe.

The gloves are not too thick, but not too thin at the same time. They are quite elastic and stretch well which makes them fit like a glow. You can freely move your fingers and perform delicate tasks with them on. The end result is that NoCry cut resistant gloves are pretty comfortable and weigh just an ounce.

Keeping clean these gloves are easy, you can put them in your washing machine, however you shouldn’t iron them or put them in dryer.

The gloves can be used to protect your hands in other situations as well – when you use rotary cutter, do gardening jobs, pick up broken glass, make car repairs, strip copper wire, carve wood, cut hair or any other time you come into contact with sharp objects.
NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves do a great job at protecting your hands from sharp blades and other sharp objects, they are pretty comfortable and they are not expensive – that’s why we consider them to be the best cut resistant gloves in 2018!

Rating: 9.6/10

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