Best cheap mattress under $100 in 2019 Review

Best cheap mattress under $100 in 2019 Review

After trying out numerous mattresses we have come to conclusion that the best cheap mattress under $100 of 2019 is LINENSPA 8 Inch mattress.

How good can a mattress that costs less than 100 US dollars be? As it turns out – surprisingly good.

LINENSPA 8-Inch mattress is very comfortable. It’s medium firmness – the upper layer of the mattress is 1.5 inch soft memory foam that minimizes pressure points and makes the mattress soft and comfortable, while the bottom layer consists of encased 6-inch coil springs that provides support and distributes body weight. It also creates some bounciness and increases the breathability of the mattress which can be felt because it doesn’t hold heat like other memory foam mattresses – which prevents you from sweating while sleeping and improves overall sleep quality. The coil springs doesn’t make any noises like squeezing. Laying down on it feels like floating and is very relaxing.

The fabric is of decent quality and the LINENSPA 8-Inch mattress feels durable enough to last a long time.

LINENSPA 8-Inch mattress is shipped in relatively compact packaging – it’s compressed and rolled, it isn’t a problem to move it through shallow spaces like doorways. When it’s first unpacked it needs some time expand, the manufacturer says it can take up to 48 hours for it to fully decompress but in most cases it shouldn’t take longer than couple hours (TIP: it expands faster in warmer rooms).¬†LINENSPA 8-Inch mattress has¬†10-year manufacturer defect U.S. warranty.

LINENSPA 8-Inch mattress is surprisingly well made product for it’s price – it’s comfortable, creates high-quality impressions and offers amazing value for money, that’s why it’s the best cheap mattress under 100 USD of 2019!

Rating: 9.7/10

Best mattress under $100

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